Dates 2019 now available online!

Great news to all of you horses. We have just finally received a date confirmation for all of our Horse Fair events 2019 from each and every one of our current marketplaces. These dates for 2019 are firm, set dates. Supplementary markets, new marketplaces, the latest news or any further information shall be announced, as usual, in our newsletters and can be found on our homepage.

In order to find next year's dates on our homepage, first click the column/heading "Dates", then click on the flag of any one of the cities. All of next year's dates only for this one city's marketplace are then displayed. The other possibility: you can always download the entire overall list, i.e. of all marketplaces of each and every city, print it out, and then, e.g. hang it on your refrigerator.

For your convenience: all of next year's firm dates for each and every marketplace are set alike, uniformly, always taking place on Saturday, correspondingly with the same door entrance times. Further details concerning dates and door entrance times, along with a short description of each marketplace can be found at the column/heading "Location" on our homepage.

The entire stable staff of stall helpers and the Stablemaster himself